Online application for the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship

Technical information

The online forms were created for Mozilla Firefox. To avoid any potential issues with other browsers, we recommend using the most current version of Firefox. Please also make sure that JavaScript is activated. If you experience persistent problems, please contact the KIM IT support (see our contact box).

Dear applicants,

Thank you very much for your interest in applying for the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship. Completing this online application is the first step to receiving this scholarship.

The application period begins on 1st September 2024 and ends on 31st October 2024 (cut-off date).

Please fill out all information as completely and correctly as possible. False information will disqualify you from the selection process.

The input and transfer of your data takes place on a secure Internet connection, which prohibits third parties from accessing your personal information. You can continuously verify and change your entries while your are entering information.

To move back and forth between pages, you can use ">" to reach the next step or "<" for the last step before. Alternative, you also can push the tab key, or click on the relevant menu item.

If you experience an interruption, your data will not be saved; you will have to begin again with your information input.

The fields marked with (*) are required fields.

After you have completed the first five pages of the online application you will receive a "results" notification on the sixth page informing you whether or not you fulfil the preconditions for the Deutschlandstipendium as described in the University of Konstanz award guidelines. For this purpose, we assess your answers about your grades, community engagement and personal circumstances and then calculate a total score. You will then receive instructions about what to do next.

Before you send us your information, you will be able to see an overview of the entries that you made. You can check and/or change this information one last time. You can also print out a copy of this overview. Furthermore, you will receive an email confirmation for your submission, presuming that you provided a valid email address.

After you have entered all information completely and correctly into the online application and you have been assessed to fulfil all preconditions, then the last step is to send us your application. Once you have sent your application to us you will not be able to make any further changes! If we receive more than one application from you, then we will only consider the one that was submitted last.