Registration and Enrollment Deadlines

Registration and Enrollment Deadline | summer semester 2024

The registration period for the summer semester 2024 starts on Monday, March 4th, 2024 at 9:00 AM and ends on Friday, March 22nd, 2024 at 11:59 PM

Places will be allocated in the order of registration.

During the registration period at the SQ Centre, you can sign up for seminars in ZEuS. If spots are available, you will be directly admitted to the course or seminar. Upon admission, you will also be automatically registered for the exam.

If a seminar is already fully booked, your registration will be added to a waiting list. You can check your position on the waiting list by accessing your study planner: go to "My Studies" > "Enrollments" and select "Events", then check the status. If both the available spots and the waiting list are already full, you will receive a system message from ZEuS informing you that no further registrations are possible.

Between March 4th and March 22nd, 2024, you will have the option to cancel your registration for a seminar or waiting list spot. If you do cancel, any exam registration that you had previously made will also be deleted. Once the registration period has ended, you will be officially admitted to the seminar and the exam, meaning you will know which SQ seminar you are enrolled in before the semester begins.

You can register for a maximum of three seminars.

It is possible to deregister from a seminar for which you have registered for the exam, up to eight days before the seminar. However, if you wish to deregister from the seminar from seven days before the start of the seminar, then you must provide a medical certificate in case of illness. For all other compelling reasons you have to provide a credible justification for your deregistration.

In case of an unjustified absence from an SQ seminar for which you are admitted, you will receive a "did not attend" note as the exam mark. This corresponds to a grade of 5.0. Furthermore, you are not able to register again for this seminar in the future.

After the registration deadline, you can still register for seminars with available places up to 8 days before the start. You may find the list of seminars with available places at Freie Plätze.

General information

  • The courses offered by the SQ Center are designed primarily for students in the Bachelor's and Master's programs at the University of Konstanz. These courses are interdisciplinary and aimed at providing profession-oriented qualifications. It's important to refer to the requirements of your respective examination regulations to ensure that the credits you earn can be credited. You can generally choose individual modules or courses as per your preference.
  • There is both a program of events during the semester and during the semester breaks (SFP).
  • At the SQ Center, ungraded study achievements are usually required. To earn credits, you must attend the course regularly (mandatory attendance) and successfully complete the required study achievement. The type of study and/or examination achievement to be provided will be announced at the beginning of course/seminar by the responsible lecturer.

1. Registration

When registering for a course, keep in mind that there may be several parallel groups. Therefore, ensure to select the parallel group you desire.

It's worth noting that students are allowed to register for a maximum of three events (parallel groups).

Places are allocated within the registration period in the order of registration with direct admission. You can find instructions for the general registration process in the ZEuS-Wiki.

Registration via ZEuS, The registration for a course is automatically linked to exam registration. Therefore, you don't have to register for the exam additionally. As a result, cancellation of a registration will also automatically cancel the exam registration.

2. Allocation process and reorientation period

Starting from the winter semester of 2022/23, the allocation of places for seminars at the SQ Center will be based strictly on the order of registrations, i.e., the earlier you register, the higher the chances of securing a place.

You can register for seminars during the enrollment period, and also cancel your registrations if you change your mind or your circumstances change. However, once the enrollment period ends, your admission to the seminar becomes binding, and you cannot withdraw from it, except up to eight days before the seminar's start date.

If you must withdraw from the seminar due to illness, you will need to provide a medical certificate or a credible justification for your withdrawal. This applies from seven days before the seminar's start date.

3. Participation conditions

Please note the following important details regarding your participation in the seminar:

  • You must be registered on Zeus and have been granted admission to the event in order to participate.
  • Cancellations from the event are only possible up to eight days before the start of the seminar. From seven days before the start of the seminar, you must present a certificate of illness or demonstrate the compelling reason for your withdrawal in a suitable manner.
    If you are admitted to a seminar but fail to attend without an excuse, an NE (no-show) will be entered in the registered examination, which is equivalent to a 5.0 and you will not be able to attend this seminar again.
  • You are expected to attend the seminar, but you may be absent for up to three hours with a valid excuse. Please notify the SQ Center in advance if you need to be absent.
  • Please be aware that in rare cases, events may be cancelled at short notice due to a low number of participants (less than 5 students) or the illness of the lecturer.