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Overview of all creditable courses as of SoSe 2023

All creditable courses are now classified and available for reference in the ZEuS course catalog under the new study area “Additional Qualifications (ADILT and more)". Courses that you take in your subject curriculum ALSO apply to the ADILT certificate.

Therefore, please enroll in creditable courses in ZEuS via your respective course planner (as a subject-specific course, if possible, as an additional course or as an transferable skill (SQ) course). Please only take courses that cannot be taken via your curriculum directly via the ADILT structure in the Additional Qualifications (ADILT and more).

All courses that can be credited to the ADILT will then also appear automatically and additionally in the ADILT structure in the additional qualification area in the long term. Until the process of conversion is completely finished, all courses will also be assigned to the ADILT manually afterwards.

As a rule, internal subject courses can only be taken and credited to the ADILT by students of the respective degree programs. If it is not possible to take the course via your subject curriculum, please ask the responsible person in advance whether you are allowed to take the course via the ADILT structure.

Courses in the transferable skill (SQ) area are generally open to students of all subjects. Special prerequisites or target group restrictions are indicated in single cases.

Please contact the subject or department offering the course for information on the respective examination registration conditions and registration deadlines. Here you will find the registration conditions for examinations in the area of transferable skills (SQ).

It is usually possible to attend individual events without acquiring the complete certificate.
For the acquisition of the certificate please contact the ADILT coordination.