For teaching staff

ADILT aims to embed the topic of data and information literacy in university-level teaching and to stimulate synergies and cooperation across the landscape of higher education.

Courses recognized in the ADILT programme

It is possible to recognize relevant courses in the ADILT programme if they focus on topics involving data processing and visualization, digital methods, or normative, legal, or aesthetic perspectives of data-based processes and digitalization.
If you would like to have your courses in these fields listed in the ADILT programme, please contact the responsible person in your department. The ADILT coordinator would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Overview of courses listed in the ADILT programme

In addition, other teaching projects on relevant topics as well as conferences (for students and doctoral researchers), workshops, and other courses in other departments can also be included in the ADILT programme.

Overview of additional courses, conferences and workshops

    ADILT lecture series

    The ADILT lecture series provides students of all subjects with an overview of data-based methods and issues in digitalization and information literacy, as well as an insight into different subject-specific and research topics. The lectures must be suitable for students in different disciplines and at any stage of their studies.

    We invite all teaching staff to contribute to the ADILT lecture series. As a lecturer, attending the ADILT lecture series can also give you the chance to get to know teachers from other disciplines as well as to identify common topics and possible opportunities for collaboration.

    Overview of the ADILT lecture series

    Further development of teaching structures and exchange

    ADILT also serves as an experimental space for structural and didactic innovations in digital teaching. There is room to test new course concepts and digital tools and develop solutions for specific courses and teaching scenarios. If you would like to develop and implement new ideas for events in the ADILT programme, please feel free to contact us.

    The course concepts and teaching materials specially developed for ADILT are available to all lecturers at the university. In addition, you are invited to get in touch with the ADILT development team to present and discuss your own concepts, ideas, and materials for the programme.

    An overview of existing materials, projects under development, and cooperation requests can be found on ILIAS in the exchange platform for developers and teachers.