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Data Jungle: The Computerization of the Vietnam War and its Remnants

Invitation to the lecture:

Together with the Colloquium Modern History and the Centre for Human | Data | Society, the organizers of the lecture series "Serious Gaming" we are happy to invite you to a lecture by

Dr. Moritz Feichtiger (University of Basel)

on the topic: "Data Jungle: The Computerization of the Vietnam War and its Remnants"

Young Science Poster Prize 2023 won by Dr. Alexandra Windsberger

Dr Alexandra Windsberger, postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Prof. Liane Wörner and the Centre for Human | Data | Society at the University of Konstanz, won the Young Science 2023 poster prize (endowed with 5,000 euros) at the V Interdisciplinary Congress of the Hanns Martin Schleyer Foundation and the Berlin Charité in Berlin with her work on "Justice and efficiency? Human empowerment instead of algorithms and the role of criminal law".

The data of the others: Shadow Profiles

When social networks collect information about people who are not registered with them, this is called a "shadow profile". But how do shadow profiles come about? Are they legal? What do they mean for our society?


"Serious gaming" in the world of work

On the occasion of this year's Gamescom with numerous lectures on serious games or games and learning, Beate Ochsner talks about the potential of gaming in the world of work, about the historical background of theory as well as about new, increasingly data-oriented practices of "serious gaming" in our contemporary society.

Introduction at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

After the Rector of the University of Konstanz, Prof. Dr. Katharina Holzinger, welcomed the guests, Prof. Dr. Liane Wörner elaborated on the research objective and the basic idea of the Centre for Human | Data | Society.  Jun-Prof. Dr. Andreas Gruber (member of the CHDS) also presented some of his CHDS-related research projects. With Eirliani Abdul Rahman (scholarship holder), Dr. Svenja Behrendt and Dr. Alexandra Windsberger, further members of the Centre were able to present their research…

First colloquium on the digitalisation of law

On 11 and 12 May 2023, the Initiative "Recht und Digitalisierung" (RuD) of the Department of Law at the University of Konstanz, together with the Centre for Human | Data | Society, will organise a first conference on the digitalisation of law.