Approach and Expertise

The Centre for Human | Data | Society connects the expertise from various fields and disciplines. The three fields of research - behavioural, cultural and computational – cannot be differentiated sharply from one another. Research on Human | Data | Society can have a behavioural, cultural and/or computational focus or be driven by research that originates there.

Behavioural research provides the necessary expert knowledge on human behaviour. This research addresses questions like: What influences human decisions and interests? What effects are beneficial or detrimental to human well-being? How do people behave in the digital world and how does it affect their lives and the lives of their peers? What is subjected to digitization and datafication and to what end? What would be needed to increase self-efficacy and agency?

Cultural research can be understood as the research fields that are dedicated to the Social. It addresses topics like regulation and normativity as a fundamentally social concept that goes beyond the perception of law as a means of intervention against non-acceptable individual behaviour or societal practices. Cultural research also reflects on the complexity of social practices and group dynamics, collective behavioural processes, and on the nature, dynamics, and impact of digital cultures and data practices.

Computational research contributes essential expert knowledge on electronic data processes, data analytics, technical systems, data visualization and interfaces (and much more) to HDS-related research. Matters of interactability and literacy are central to the empowerment of individuals and to (re-)calibrate structures towards human welfare and well-being.