Recorded Lectures


2024-01-24 (Mi) - ZKF Public Talk: Populism and Explosive Communities: Politics of Authenticity in a Global Society


ZKF Public Talk 28.06.2023: Cartographies of Chilean Muralism in Exile: Between Testimony and Memory. Dr. Cristóbal Barria Bignotti, Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte, Paris, und Dr. Sandra Rudman, Universität Konstanz

ZKF Public Talk 21.06.2023: In your own time - Ein Hörspaziergang. Prof. Dr. Irmtraud Huber, Yvonne Bigler, Christine Hasler

ZKF Public Talk 31.05.2023: Anticipation by Redress: Transforming African Mega-Infrastructure Futures. Prof. Dr. Kenny Cupers, Universität Basel

Wolfgang Iser Lecture, 17.05.2023: Not All Each Day: The Infrastructures of Racial Life. Prof. Homi K. Bhabha, Harvard University

ZKF Public Talk 27.04.2023: Enduring Infrastructure. Prof. Caroline Levine, Cornell University, Ithaca NY

ZKF Public Talk 08.02.2023: Odesa City Mythology in the Time of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Prof. Dr. Oksana Dovgopolova, Odesa National University

ZKF Public Talk 01.02.2023: „Russian World“ in the Whole World: Historical and Linguistic Manipulations in the „Russkij Mir“ Construction. Dr. Liudmyla Pidkuimukha, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

ZKF Public Talk 25.01.2023: Adaptation as Renewal: The Transformative Impact of Hamlet's Travels. Prof. Dr. Sandra Young, University of Cape Town


ZKF Talk 2022-07-13: Rethinking Imperial Space. Prof. Jane Burbank / Prof. Frederick Cooper, New York

ZKF Opening Event 2022-06-29: Elevator Pitch. Gratitude for Infrastructure and Beyond. Prof. Bruce Robbins, Columbia University

ZKF Talk 2022-06-22: Impossible Domesticity and Travels. Thing Theory, New Materialisms, and Other Epistemologies. Prof. Leila Gómez, University of Colorado, Boulder

ZKF Talk 2022-06-08: Community Protests over Perceived Inadequate Municipal Service Delivery in South Africa, 2004-2021, Prof. Dr. Sethulego Matebesi, University of the Free State, South Africa

ZKF Talk 2022-05-04: Marx in Texas: Slavery, Capital, and the Revolutionary 1860s, Prof. Dr. Eric Lott, University of New York

ZKF Talk 2022-04-27: Microprocessors as Media, Kyle Stine PhD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

ZKF Talk 2022-01-12: What is a Classic? 3.0: Poetry, myth and classical forms in some contemporary South African theatre, Prof. Dr. Mark Fleishman, University of Cape Town, South Africa


ZKF Talk 2021-11-10: (Mis)translating Deceit: Disinformation's Hidden Translingual Journey, Prof. Vera Tolz, Prof. Stephen Hutchings, both: University of Manchester

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