Information and forms for final exams

Below you will find all the information you need for your final exams in bachelor's (BA, BSc, BEd), master's (MA, MSc, MEd, LLM) and Magister (LLM) programmes .

How to register for the final examination

You register for final examinations (written thesis and final oral examination) via email to the Central Examination Office only, not in person. Please request the registration forms via email from the contact person for your programme already in the weeks before the registration period begins. It may take weeks until all signatures from reviewers for your registration have been obtained and your documents have been checked, so contact us in good time.

The registration periods of the study programmes are listed on our dates and deadlines website.

Oral exams conducted online

Online oral exams (OMP = online-gestützte mündliche Prüfung) must be requested separately. Please contact the corresponding person in the Central Examination Office for your programme as soon as possible.

Mandatory enrolment during the final exam period

Students in all study programmes have to remain enrolled at the University of Konstanz at least up to and including the day on which they take or submit their final mandatory exam part.

More information on mandatory enrolment.

Certification of examination documents

To receive certified copies of degree certificates and/or examination certificates (to a reasonable extent), University of Konstanz students can bring their originals together with copies of the certificates to the Student Service Centre (SSZ) on level B4.

Former students who are no longer in the Konstanz area and have already received their examination documents, can ask the SSZ to send them certified copies of their scanned documents via postal mail (to a limited extent).

In addition, any Bürgerbüro (citizens services), notary's office or municipal administration etc. can certify copies of your original documents.

Funding for theses

Under specific conditions, students can request university funds for writing their theses. Request form for funds (in German, "Formular Antrag" and "Rundschreiben" under letter "S" Studienabschlussarbeiten).