lecture and poetry reading with Prof. Martin von Koppenfels and PD Dr. Johanna Schumm (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich) (October 25, 17.30h, Centre for Cultural Inquiry)

Se hace camino al andar: Paths through the History of Spanish-Language Lyric Poetry

The recently published anthology Spanische und hispanoamerikanische Lyrik (Munich: C.H.Beck, 2022) assembles poems which originate from a period of 900 years, and from a heterogeneous linguistic and cultural space that extends across the Atlantic. Working on their project, the editorial team – comprised of Prof. Dr. Martin von Koppenfels, PD Dr. Johanna Schumm, and a number of colleagues – had to find a shape for a sea of texts. Spanish-language cultures have produced an enormous wealth of lyric forms – an additional challenge for this type of endeavor, but also an opportunity, because it is precisely the migrations and transformations of forms that are characteristic for this realm of poetry. Von Koppenfels and Schumm will present the anthology in a format which combines a report on their editorial and scholarly work with poetry readings. They will introduce us to a project that required the four fundamental disciplines of philology: critique, edition, translation, and commentary.

(in German / Spanish)