Partner universities

Erasmus+ partnership agreements are usually concluded between the departments/departmental sections/institutes of two universities that would like to cooperate in student, teacher and staff exchange mobility. 

Erasmus+ exchange opportunities 2024/25

The document "Erasmus+ student mobility for studies 2024/25" (blue box on right hand side) provides an overview of the places that have been confirmed by both partners as of November 2023. It lists the places for student mobility by department. Changes may still be made in individual cases regarding number of places or duration of the mobility.

A partnership in a specific subject area at student level therfore initially only includes the opportunity to attend courses in the agreed area at the partner university. Each university decides for itself whether interdisciplinary study is also possible and to what extend. Regulations on this are listed on the homepages of the individual universites, e.g. in the Incoming Student Guide, ECTS Guides or similiar (usually to be found on the pages of the International Office in the section for Erasmus+ incoming students). 

The subject area of the agreement is indicated by codes, the so called ISCED-Codes. For the departments of the Faculty of the Humanities, those are the following: 

Literature Art and Media Studies/Linguistics: 0232, "Literature and Linguistics"
History: 0222, "History and Archaeology "
Sociology: 0314, "Sociology and cultural anthropology"
Philosophy: 0223, "Philosophy and Ethics"
Sports Science: 1014, "Sports"

Detailed information about the partner universities of each department in the Faculty of Humanities with useful information for your application is available in the menu on the left hand side. 

Information about the course offer and language requirements for exchange students is available on the websites of the partner universities.