Information for Erasmus+ Outgoings

Application procedure for stays abroad in the academic year 2023/24

Application time, general notes

If you would like to apply for a stay abroad at one of our Erasmus+ partner universities in the academic year 2023/24 (i.e. either winter semester 2023/24 or summer semester 24 or winter 23/24 and summer semester 24), you have  to fill in the faculty's application form until 1st February 2023. After the main selection round, you may only apply for the remaining places.

The application form for remaining places is now available. You can find it in the menu on the left side under "Application form 2023/24". 

Before handing in an application, please consider the semester dates of the university you would like to apply for. If you only want to spend one semester abroad, please be aware that Semester 2 already starts in January or early February in most universities. If you would like to apply for a stay in the second semester only, please explain in your application how you will deal with the overlapping semester dates. 

The list of partner universities for the academic year 2023/2024 can be retrieved from our International Office's website (all places of all 13 departments of the University of Konstanz). You can find a list of remaining places and more detailed information on partner universities for departments of the Faculty of Humanities in the section "Partnerhochschulen Erasmus+". Selecting one of the departments, you will find a drop down list of partner universities and departments/schools by country as well as further relevant information on the respective exchange agreement. Please make sure to read this detailed infomration and not only the PDF document before handing an application, since you will only be able to determine whether your prefered university suits your study interests by consulting those infos. 

Information about the application

Before you start filling in your application, you should inform yourself thoroughly about the different partner universities, especially on matters of study possibilities and restrictions. As a reminder: As Erasmus+ agreements are made between departments, it is not possible to study interdisciplinary at every university. If and to what extent studying at another department is possible, you will learn on the homepages of the respective universities (mostly on the websites of the International Office, in the Erasmus+ incoming student guides or the ECTS guides). We linked to those pages on our overview of partner universites of our departments. Please pay attention to information about the languages of instruction at the individual institutions, especially at partner universities in Spain, as well as the minimum language requirements for Erasmus+ applicants before choosing a university.

About the application form / tips for filling in the document:

The form has to be filled in German or in English if your German isn't sufficient enough. All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in or the form cannot be sent. If a mandatory field does not apply to you, please fill in "-". The document consists of the following parts:

  • Your personal details
  • Application details: Department, through which you are applying, information about academic calendar and desired university, other applications
    You can apply for a total of four universitie, the order in the application form corresponds to your priorities (University I = highest priority, University II = second highest priority, etc.).  As several of the most popular universities only offer few places, you should use this opportunity.
    For every university you have to specify from when until when you want to study there. Plan the time (winter and/or summer semester) and the duration of your stay carefully and fill in the application form accordingly and unambiguously. Do not refer to the term dates of the University of Konstanz but the ones from the respective universities of your choice.
    Please keep in mind that, in case of a nomination, you will only receive a mobility grant for the time stated in your application (and only for the time period you had in fact be physically present at the host university for study purposes, meaning lecture and exam period). If you state that you will study abroad for one term but later on you decide to extend your stay abroad, it cannot be guaranteed that you will receive a mobility grant for the additional months. 
    Please indicate if and where you have applied in parallel to this application (e.g. for a place in the Global Programme through our International Office) so that places can be designated quickly (and not twice).
  • Information on your studies and degree in Konstanz
  • Information on your language skills
    For the application within the University of Konstanz you will only have to give a self-assessment. However, we expect you to inform yourself about the language requirements of the universities stated in your application and, in case of a nomination, to be able to provide the necessary proof on time.
  • Letter of motivation
    Explain in complete sentences why you want to complete a stay abroad (maximum of 1500 characters including blank spaces).The letter of motivation does not necessarily have to be country-specific.
  • Study proposal for each university that you are applying for
    Considering the study opportunities on site, explain which courses you want to take at each university and the extent of your studies there. Please be aware that you have a maximum of 1800 characters (including blank spaces) for each study plan. As course catalogues for the coming academic year normally will not be available yet, you will have to orient yourself in past course catalogues. If you want to study abroad in the winter semester (semester 1), consult course catalogues of past winter terms, if you want to study abroad in the summer semester (semester 2), consult the ones of past summer terms.
  •  Further information relevant for your application
    Here you have the option to write down  information that is relevant to your application and is not requested in any of the other fields. This could be, for example, information about a longer stay abroad or former education or a first degree at another university. Please also explain here how you intend to make up for any language skills you are still lacking or how you have already acquired them outside the university.
  • Information about your voluntary social commitments
    e.g. active membership in a department or similiar.
  • Your consent
    You will not have to hand in more documents, provided that you agree to the Erasmus+ coordinator printing out your preliminary grade overview from ZEuS. Should you not agree to this or if you are studying in another faculty than the Faculty of Humanities (e.g. Economics), you have to hand in a print-out of your ZEuS account as a PDF document via email, which also includes registered assessments of the winter semester 2022/23, in addition to the application form. If you are in your master's degree and completed your bachelor's degree at a university other than the University of Konstanz, you need to send a transcript of records, listing your bachelor courses and grades, as a PDF document via email to as well. If you agree to your e-mail address being passed on to fellow students who are going abroad with you or who would like to ask you questions in relation to your stay, you can say yes to this in the form.

Information about submitting the application form

To submit the form, you just have to hover your mouse pointer over the button "Submit application". You will then have the opportunity to check your information and correct it if necessary. You must then click "Submit application" again, then click "Yes-Submit" to actually submit your application. You will then receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt by email listing your application details. Please make sure to save the application form before submitting in case you want to save it for your own documentation on your computer.

Important: The application form is mask in which you can simply click on many things, but copy in longer text passages (please note the character limit). This way you avoid that the forms stay open too long and possibly cannot be sent. Please note that you cannot save the form temporarily! This is another reason why it makes sense to prepare your letter of motivation and study proposals in advance so that you only have to copy them in.

Should there be technical problems with sending the application form electronically, save the document as a PDF file on your computer and send it as an e-mail attachment to

Applicant selection

You will usually hear from us within a month. If we receive a very high number of applications, it may take a little longer.

The selection is based on the following criteria:

1. Eligibility (satisfying the formal criteria)
2. Quality of the letter of motivation
3. Quality of the study plan
4. Academic qualification, voluntary work
5. Form of the application, overall impression