Two people riding a tandem bike

Konstanzia Duo

Arrive well in tandem at the University of Konstanz

The Konstanzia Duo mentoring program is aimed at female researchers in leading positions (junior research group leader, junior professorship) at the beginning of their work at the University of Konstanz. Researchers whose identity does not correspond to the standardized gender identities are also addressed, e.g. transgender, transsex, intersex. It is part of the Konstanzia Program.

The core of the program is one-to-one support for the researcher when she arrives at the university by an established professor. The mentor belongs to a different department to ensure professional independence. The mentor accompanies you in the sense of an exchange of experience and advice on a more informal and personal level. The duration of the mentorship is usually one year.

The aim of the Konstanzia Duo is...

- to promote a culture of welcoming at the University of Konstanz,
- to familiarize women researchers with the structures and processes at the University of Konstanz,
- and to promote networks among women researchers

The subject areas in which a mentor can accompany a mentee are as individual as the situation of each individual researcher. Questions may arise regarding structures, committee work or responsibilities at the University of Konstanz, but also such as strategic career planning, career perspectives, management tasks, funding opportunities, compatibility of family and career or intercultural issues.

The mentee and the mentor jointly decide which subject areas they would like to discuss within the mentorship and record this in a mentoring agreement.

Components of the program

- One-to-one mentoring
- Network events (e.g. round table for female scientists)
- Target group-specific events and advice (in consultation with the Academic Staff Development)