What is the TFA?

The Animal Research Facility (TFA) is a central and independently operating institution at the University of Konstanz that provides university researchers the conditions to perform experiments on animals in accordance with animal protection and welfare standards. It is charged with the simultaneous tasks of facilitating research and assuring animal welfare.

The TFA provides researchers with high quality laboratory animals. These animals are kept and bred in accordance with European animal welfare and hygiene recommendations and thus provide an excellent basis for biomedical experiments.

The TFA takes care of about 20 different types of laboratory animals, amounting to approximately 74,000 live specimens (including fish, frogs and insects).

The TFA employees also provide guidance on all questions related to laboratory animals as well as technical and scientific services where possible.

The TFA animal protection representatives advise individuals performing experiments. They supervise and monitor all experiments at the University of Konstanz in accordance with German animal protection law (Tierschutzgesetz, TierSchG) and the Tierschutz-Versuchtierverordnung (TierSchVersV) (laboratory animal protection regulation).