The Konstanz Science Forum connects the worlds of business and industry, politics and society

The forum has existed since 2006 and offers a platform for knowledge exchange.

  • Why is science important to society?
  • What are the current research results?
  • How can they be used?

The Konstanz Science Forum seeks to answer these questions. At the same time, it also considers individual research fields and their relevance in general contexts.

Building (international) relationships

Experts from the worlds of science and business exchange their views in workshops, conferences and lectures. The forum also tracks international and regional developments. Many of the forum’s events take place in important research locations across Germany.

Focus areas of the Konstanz Science Forum

  • The future of science and the development of its institutions
  • What innovations are there and how can the general public benefit from science?
  • Development of common European perspectives and strategies to promote science
  • Definition of a philosophy of science and new insights into what science can and should accomplish