Speech and Language Processing – Master of Arts


Postgraduate study programme which requires a first university degree.

For this, the University of Konstanz offers the Bachelor's Programme in Linguistics.

The Master’s Programme in Speech and Language Processing is designed as a post-graduate programme to deepen knowledge acquired during the bachelor's degree in linguistics or an equivalent degree. The programme focuses on the (dysfunctional and functional) human and automated processing of spoken and written language, and it gives you the opportunity to specialise in Human Language Processing or Machine Language Processing.


Degree Master of Arts
Programme start Winter semester & Summer semester
Period of study 4 semesters
Application period 15.03. - 15.05. | 29.11. - 15.01.
Admission restrictions no
ECTS 120

Why study Speech and Language Processing in the University of Konstanz?

  • Our Department of Linguistics is one of the leading research institutions for linguistics in Germany.
  • There are six language laboratories available for experimental research and teaching


Prospects and opportunities

Career prospects

Apart from the possibility of working on university research projects or at research institutes, linguistics also forms the background for fields in which the structure of language plays a role, ranging from industrial research, natural language processing, communications technology, to editors in publishing and the mass media. 

As a result, linguists are afforded opportunities of working in research and teaching (with a master’s degree), in companies dealing with natural language technology (e.g., Google, IBM, Nuance or Amazon), libraries, archives, documentation centres, with publishers, radio and television companies, in ministries (at federal or state level), with international agencies, and adult education institutions.

You can find out more about career entry in the interview series #dreamjob - Starting a career. Alumni of the University of Konstanz report on their very personal career entry.

Graduate studies

If you are aiming for an academic career, you can follow up with doctoral studies.

Programme structure

Programme start

Winter semester & Summer semester

Academic structure

A total of 120 ECTS credits is required in this master's programme (102 credits in the core study area, 18 in the supplementary courses).

The master's programme Speech and Language Processing consists of 8 modules. The core study area comprises the modules 1-6 and 8, the neighboring area module 7. You can complete the study programme in English.

Module 1: Core Areas of Linguistics, 18 cr
Module 2: Methods, 12 cr
Module 3: Foundations, 18 cr
Module 4: Machine Language Processing (MLP), 18/9 cr
Module 5: Human Language Processing (HLP), 18/9 cr
Module 6: Practical/Experimental Applications and Research, 6 cr
Module 7: Neighboring Areas, 18 cr
Module 8: Master Thesis and Oral Exam, 21 cr

Learning statistical methods and a programming language is mandatory in this study programme.  Courses on statistical methods are available in module 2, courses on programming languages in modules 2, 4 or 7.

Please check the Exam regulations (partly in German) for more information about the programme structure.

Internship and study abroad


An internship during your studies is mandatory. If you are interested in gaining practical experience, the staff of our department and the university’s Career Service are here to help you find a suitable placement.

Study abroad

Generally, you can include a study abroad stay in your master's programme. The university promotes study abroad via the Erasmus+ programme and numerous other exchange programmes.

Impressions from students and lecturers

Hear from students and lecturers
In our interview series, students talk about their subject, teachers explain the department's research and tell you what topics they cover in seminars and lectures.

Get an impression
Discover online lectures and websites with more information about your prospective subject.


What interests and skills should I have?

  • Enthusiasm for language(s) and their structure
  • Formal and networked ability to think
  • Very good English skills

Language skills

Foreign language skills
Documentation of advanced English language skills (spoken and written English), level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

For details, please see the admission regulations.

Language(s) of instruction

Course may be held in English or in German. Consequently, course work and academic performance assessments can be completed in these languages, too.

Admission requirements

  • Admission requirement is an above-average qualifying degree with the grade "good" (2.5) or better of a three-year (or more) study programme in the field of "Linguistics" (minimum degree: Bachelor of Arts [BA] or equivalent) at an institution of higher education or 'Berufsakademie'. In exceptional cases applicants may be admitted who have completed their qualifying degree (grade "good" 2.5 or better) in another, comparable study programme with academic achievements that make a successful participation in the Master's Programme in Speech and Language Processing likely.
  • Documentation of advanced English language skills (spoken and written English), level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

For details, please see the admission regulations.


Semester fee

All students enrolled at the University of Konstanz are charged a semester fee each semester, similar to all other German universities. Here you can find the current semester fee and its individual components.

Tuition fees for first degree studies for certain international students
Since winter semester 2017/18, the state of Baden-Württemberg has required some international students to pay tuition fees for their first degree studies. The following students are not required to pay tuition fees: citizens of a country within the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), doctoral students and certain “Bildungsinländer” (e.g. non-EU citizens with a German “Abitur”). More detailed information can be found here.

Each year, the University of Konstanz grants exemptions to a limited number of particularly gifted international degree-seeking students in accordance with the university’s “Begabtenbefreiungssatzung” (statutes governing the exemption of gifted students). More detailed information can be found here.

Tuition fees for second degree studies for all students
All students are required to pay tuition fees for their second degree studies. More detailed information can be found here.

Application and application documents

This study programme has no admission restrictions.

An application is possible during the following period: 15.03. - 15.05. (winter semester) and 29.11. - 15.01. (summer semester). There may be other deadlines if you are applying for admission to a higher semester (for instance, if you are changing subjects or universities). For more information please consult the university website.

Application documents

  • Documentation of your academic degree including details on course work and performance. If you have not received your degree certificate by the end of the application deadline, please attach documentation of all your examination results so far. 
  • Documentation of advanced English language skills (spoken and written English), level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • An application letter in English (at most one page), providing information on your motivation and suitability for the study programme.
  • Current certificate of enrolment or proof of exmatriculation, if applicable (if you have studied at a German university, please indicate your 'Fachsemester’ and ‘Hochschulsemester’ 

Important note: Please note the information provided in the tab "Admission requirements".

International applicants

  • If your documents are not available in German or English, you will need to have them translated. Please submit a German or English translation of your documents along with the original versions.
  • Applicants from China, India and Vietnam: APS certificate (original) issued by the German Embassy of your home country.