You can get to know the day to day work of metalworkers and electronics technicians for devices and systems each year between February and July. Space is available to accommodate one pupil shadow at a time during this period.

Several pupils thus have the opportunity to complete such a one to two week pupil training (shadowing) experience.

Internship positions are also available for students in mechanical engineering and related fields.


Electronics Technician Vocational Training

Devices and Systems Field 

Gerd Sulger

Phone +49 7531 88 -2942, Room W 511 

Precision Mechanics Vocational Training

Mechanical Engineering Field

Gerhard Jauch

Phone +49 7531 88 -4068, Room W 519


Metalworker Vocational Training

Construction Design Field

Hans-Jürgen Schreiner 

Phone +49 7531 88 -4069, Room W 522