Unsplash, Ricardo Gomez Angel

Emerging field of research "Material – Function – Quantum"

Research at the University of Konstanz in the field of nano and materials science forms the basis for the emerging field of research "Material – Function – Quantum". A key institution in this area is the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 1432 "Fluctuations and Nonlinearities in Classical and Quantum Matter beyond Equilibrium".

At SFB 1432, researchers examine the dynamics of systems that are influenced by fluctuations far from equilibrium or governed by strongly nonlinear interactions. SFB 1432 closely links three areas of investigation: the interplay of electromagnetic fields and charges, magnetism-mediating spin systems and fluctuations associated with motion systems. Researchers from experimental and theoretical physics, physical chemistry and mathematics work together across disciplines on a total of 20 sub-projects.

The latest developments in experimentation, simulation and theory are used to directly study statistical properties of physical quantities. At the same time, mathematical methods will be developed further in order to describe complex real mechanical, electro-optical and magnetic systems. Because of its particularly active culture of dialogue between theory and experimentation, the graduate school connected with SFB 1432 also has a decisive role to play.

The emerging field of research especially benefits from existing research infrastructure at the University of Konstanz that makes it possible to produce extremely small structures. Under the given conditions, the study of fluctuations can be expected to lead to completely new physical phenomena, functions and applications.

"Material – Function – Quantum" involves the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
– 04 "Quality education"
– 09 "Industry, innovation and infrastructure"