Bodies and Committees

These are the bodies and committees where doctoral researchers are represented and advocate their interests.


  • Eliane Landwehr
  • David Nabben
  • Adrian Bidlingmaier

Faculty Council

  • Faculty I: Anne Staiger
  • Faculty II: Anna Lüscher
  • Faculty III: Sven-Patrick Schmid und Almire Brahimi als Vertretung

Faculty Bodies

  •  Mathematics and Statistics: Moritz Schick
  •  IT:
  •  Physics: Fabian Geml
  •  Chemistry: Simon Schwab
  •  Biology: Daniela Eichbichler
  •  Psychology: Bernadette Denk
  •  Philosophy: Fabian Stöhr
  •  History, Sociology, Empirical Educational Research and Sport Science: Daniela Büchler
  •  Literature-Art-Media: Julia Schlicher
  •  Linguistics: Angelika Golegos
  •  Law: Marie-Louise Reuter
  •  Economics: Stephan Sontheimer
  •  Political Science: Alessia Invernizzi

Doctoral Fund

  • Sektion 1: Britta Maier, Felix Hamborg 
  • Sektion 2: Elisa Werner
  • Sektion 3: Fabian Bergmann, Karl Rinck

Committee on Research

  •  Katrin Schmitt
  •  Frederik Gremler

Committee on Curricular Affairs and Life-Long Learning

  •  Svenja Schmid

Committee on Communication and Information

  •  Jana Blahak

Equal Opportunity Council

  •  Josefine Honke

Konstanz Research School

  • Alexander Knoll
  • Katrin Schmitt
  • Juliane Stehle

Join us!

There are several options for joining our council, whether its organizing lectures, workshops or other events, or as a representative in a committee at the University of Konstanz. We are looking forward to any kind of inquiries of doctoral researchers that want to become involved actively in our council! 

Open positions

Currently, we are looking for candidates in teh 2022 University Elections. More information about the free posts can be found here.

Open positions will be published here.