Digitalization in teaching

At the University of Konstanz, our strategy is to design teaching so that it is optimally equipped for the future, which includes digitally enhancing on-campus teaching wherever beneficial. This aim is supported by the corresponding Excellence measure in the context of the university's e-science strategy. Building on our extensive experience with online teaching during the covid-19 pandemic, we work to establish long-term options for supplementing on-campus teaching with digital teaching and learning elements and to expand upon existing support structures for digitally enhanced teaching. We will continue the discussion on the future of teaching that was initiated at the 2022 Tag der Lehre event and work with all of the relevant stakeholders at the university to develop and implement the corresponding strategy.

The project team is comprised of a coordinator for online teaching, an IT "toolmaster" and subject-specific experts for digitally enhanced teaching. Its members coordinate their work closely with other measures and projects, such as the ADILT programme, the BiSE teacher education project edu 4.0 and projects initiated by individual lecturers or departments. They also link up with the corresponding teams in the Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) and University Didactics.

Innovative, digitally-enhanced teaching formats with modular online options

The first step is to work with departments and individual lecturers to identify courses where digital enhancement has the potential to be particularly advantageous. The project team provides support for the further development of these courses and shares current developments in university teaching as well as requirements for teaching with the departments.

The team's collaboration and highlighting of innovative teaching formats facilitate the transfer of innovative concepts to other contexts at the university.

Better support for digitally enhanced teaching

Experts for digitally enhanced teaching responsible for specific subject areas provide a key link between individual lecturers and technical support services. This connection strengthens the focus on addressing staff and student needs with our corresponding support services.

The role of the IT toolmaster supplements the support team in KIM: The toolmaster supports lecturers with selecting and using suitable teaching tools, ensures that data protection requirements are met, and promotes the flexibilization of the university's tool portfolio.