Research initiatives

Research initiatives are interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects that were limited in time and received funding from the German Excellence Initiative (third funding line). New possibilities for successful cooperation across disciplinary boundaries were opened up through these initiatives, thus complementing and enhancing our research profile. Such initiatives also contributed to increasing our international visibility as well as external funding. They successfully established new, future-oriented research priorities.

Past research initiatives:

  •  Analysis and Numerics of Evolution Equations with Applications in the Science, Professor Robert Denk (Mathematics)
  • DNA replication stress, Dr Tanja Waldmann (Biology)
  • Doing Truth - Praxeologien der Wahrheit, Professor Bernhard Kleeberg (History/Sociology
  • Dynamics of Risk- Perception and Behaviour in the Mental and Physical Health (Risk Dynamics), Professor Britta Renner (Psychology)
  • EATMOTIVE: Why we eat what we eat, Professor Britta Renner (Psychology)
  • Environmental toxicants and beuronal development, Dr Stefan Schildknecht (Biology)
  • Gut microbiome and glucocortidiods, Professor Thomas Brunner (Biology)
  • Leistungsfähigkeit und biologisches Alter (performance and biological age), Professor Markus Gruber (History/Sociology and Sport Science)
  • LingVisAnn, Professor Miriam Butt (Linguistics)
  • MEMOSYSTEMS, Professor Leist (Biology)