Prof. Dr. Daniel A. Keim


Daniel A. Keim is a professor of Data Analysis and Visualization in the Computer Science department at the University of Konstanz since 2000. He got his Ph.D. and habilitation degrees in computer science from the University of Munich. Before joining the University of Konstanz, Dr. Keim was associate professor at the University of Halle, Germany and Senior Technology Consultant at AT&T Shannon Research Labs, NJ, USA. Dr. Keim has been actively involved in data analysis and information visualization research for more than 30 years and in 2011, he received the Visualization Technical Achievement Award in recognition of his seminal technical work in high-dimensional data analysis and visualization of large data bases, which has stimulated research in the new field of Visual Analytics. He has been programme co-chair of the IEEE InfoVis, IEEE VAST and ACM SIGKDD conferences and was member of the steering committees of IEEE InfoVis, IEEE VAST, and EG EuroVis, as well as the IEEE VIS executive committee. He is or was associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), the IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), The Visual Computer, and the Information Visualization Journal, as well as co-author of several books dedicated to Interactive Data Visualization. He has been involved in numerous DFG, BMBF, and EU projects; in particular, he has been coordinator of the German Science Foundation funded Strategic Research Initiative “Scalable Visual Analytics”, the scientific coordinator of the European Commission funded Coordination Action “Visual Analytics – Mastering the Information Age (VisMaster)”, and the coordinator of the BMBF project “Visual Analytics for Security Applications” (VASA).

Research-related publications

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