To identify, design, improve and document processes

The central process management of the University of Konstanz conceives itself as a form of organisational development. It is a contribution to the preservation of processual knowledge and an offer to departments / divisions to analyse and further develope processes with regard to their potential for improvement. Further on it is an inherent part of the QM-System.

Goals of the process management

  • Increase transparence of procedures
  • Sort responsibilities
  • Fine-tune interfaces between organisational units
  • Improve procedures
  • Relieve scientists from administational tasks
  • Make processual knowledge accessible and secure it through documentation in the process portal of the University of Konstanz

from this, the following tasks can be deduced:

  • Conduct process elicitation and analyses
  • Reveal potentials for improvement
  • Assemble process groups, prepare and evalute, moderate, rehash results
  • Create process models
  • Maintain the process portal and conceptually refine it

Independantly of  the context in which projects regarding processes are started - to create tranparency, to directly improve a procedure, to ease the introductory training of new employees, to depict the view of a process in organisational development projects - the PPO takes on the role of a neutral moderator and supports the respective departments / divisions through organisational coordination and content preparation and postprocessing.