Processes, Projects, Organisational development (PPO)

Giving impulses for change, supporting process of change

For the purpose of systematical organisational development, the Kanzler's office - PPO is in charge of proposals which serve the purpose of refining the organisation in regards to its structures and processes. The PPO supoorts or becomes active in connection with such organisational refining proposals.

Our goal is to counsel and assist the central research supporting institutions and divisions in establishing themselves well for current and future tasks, thereby so also considering changes and developments in regards to working environment and working methods. Foundation is a participatory approach that enables and accompanies transformation.

The PPO has a coordinating character in many projects. It launches them, accompanies them and creates synergies through communication, information and transparency and supports an organisational culture necessary for change.

Central tasks in this context lie in process, project and portflio management. The PPOis furthermore participating in or in charge of different work groups and projects.

Additional tasks and offers of the PPO are:

- Analysis of organisational culture and transforming forms of work
- neutral moderation and accompaning of projects within and in between departments / teams
- Creation and updating of organigrams
- Creation and further development and coordination of the passing of the case assignment plan
- Task / position / interface analysis