Professionalise Project Management, create Project Portfolio

The implementation of a Project and Project Portfolio Management at the University of Konstanz was initiated as a strategic field of action of our strategy “University of Konstanz – creative.together”.

Part of our Project and Projekt Portfolio Management is the prioritization, management and support of projects matching our strategy while considering existing ressources as well as the professionalization of individual Project Management.


Our objective is to establish the university-wide Project and Projekt Portfolio Management until the end of the current Universities of Excellence funding line in order to strengthen the innovation capacity of the administration sustainably. The base concept has been passed by the Rectorate in February 2022 (s. links on the right side).

A professionalized Project Management contributes to a standardization in project handling, makes project planning more transparent, supports the project members in the project execution with various methods and tools and thus adds substantially to the efficiency of the projects and to the project success. Consequently it builds the base of the Project Portfolio Management and makes it possible at all.

Milestone Plan

With our objective to implement the Project and Project Portfolio Management completely as a university-wide process of the administration of the University the following milestones shall be passed through:

Development of the concept

Q2/2020 - Q4/2021

Between April 2020 and December 2021 the concept for a Project and Project Portfolio Management (PM and PPM) at the University was developed. This has been presented and discussed with the heads of departments.

Alignment of the concept with the Rectorate, faculties and departments

Q3/2020 - Q1/2022

The PM and PPM concept was passed in February 2022 by the Rectorate. The work assignment of the PPO derives from the Rectorate's decision to develop, test and implement the PM and PPM at the University of Konstanz

Pilot Phase

2021 - 2022

Goal of the Pilot Phase is to develop and test a PM- and PPM-Concept with the help of selected (Pilot) Project which represent the majority of departments and institutions and consequently collect first experiences in the realization of projects based upon the suggested Project Cycle.

In parallel, the base for the PPM at the University of Konstanz will be created, e.g. by the implementation of a PM- and PPM-Software.

Mid-term evaluation


In 2023 a mid-term evaluation of the organizational structure and the single stept of the PM and PPM is planned. This will take please on the base of the Pilot Projects including but not limited to a survey of all instances and collaborators of Pilot Projects.

Roll-out of PM and PPM

from Q4/2023 on

By the end of 2023 the roll-out of the central PM and PPM to all new administration projects of the University of Konstanz based upon a aligned and communicated plan by stages will be started.

Complete implementation

Until 2026

By the end of the current Universities of Excellence funding line 2026 the University of Konstanz disposes of a resilient PM as well as a PPM being adapted to the institutional renewal of the University, matching the strategy and focused on ressources.

Our duties and responsibilities

regarding the Project Portfolio:

  • Evaluation and und admission of projects into the Project Portfolio during the Project initialization and planning
  • Overview over all current and planned Administration Projects
  • Analysis and Assessment of the Project Portfolio

regarding the (single) Project Management

  • Standardization, support and guidance in all project phases
  • Selection and und implementation of tools for the various roles in Project Management
  • Qualification of Project and Subproject leader with the implementation of methods, by tool training and coaching

regarding the interface between (single) Project Management and Project Portfolio Management:

  • Securing of conformity and quality of the incoming Project Proposals
  • Alignment of the submitted proposals with all ongoing projects
  • Consideration of the affected Line Areas in the project
  • Availability of the der submitted ressources

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