The three pentagons are a public media installation called Kon.Screen, a joint project of the University of Konstanz and the City of Konstanz with the kind support of Stadtwerke Konstanz. The media installation was officially opened by Rector Professor Katharina Holzinger, Lord Mayor Uli Burchardt, Mayor Karl Langensteiner-Schönborn and Count Björn Bernadotte in the Stadtgarten in Konstanz.

Selection of our university's partnerships

Cooperating with research and teaching partners, as well as with those in the economy is an integral objective of the University of Konstanz. We highly value international partnerships and exchange programmes for students and staff. Our university students, employers and employees profit from the close cooperation with regional and international partners.

Cooperation takes place on various levels. Our departments, professors and working groups cooperate with institutes, scientific partners and companies. The research data repository of the University of Konstanz provides information about current national and international research projects, researchers and publications. Through internal cross-references, SciKon makes interdisciplinary relationships, cooperation and multidisciplinary research projects, in short, the professional bundling and connection of scientific competencies, visible and comprehensible.

We collaborate with various partners in science, business, politics, culture and society. Please visit our Transfer pages to learn more about the university’s partnerships and connections. In its position paper on our understanding of transfer, the University of Konstanz declares its commitment to the continuous development of knowledge and technology transfer as well as a culture of innovation. The spectrum of this transfer work at the University of Konstanz is deliberately very broad: it ranges from diverse channels and measures relating to science communication all the way to the scientific consultation of policy makers, the provision of expert evaluation reports as well as the creation of spin-offs.

Knowledge exchange through public events at home and abroad in the form of presentations, conferences, seminars and lecture series, as well as summer schools and member publications is promoted here at the University of Konstanz.