University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

Summer School 2013

Photo by Böhringer

Our DFG-sponsored PhD program at the University of Konstanz conducts a weeklong
The summerschool contains two tutorials and poster/oral presentations of all participating students. The general language is English.
This year the summerschool is also open for interested computer science students from all other universities, see below.

See what we did on last year on our summerschool.



special opportunity for advanced students in computer science

This year we support our program with funding specifically for advanced female master or diploma students in computer science, in order to encourage young people to consider a career in engineering by entering a PhD program like ours. Our funds cover for about 15 female participants.

Therefore we invite the best and interested students, that are advanced or have a completed CS master degree not from before October 2012, to apply for participation at our summerschool this year. If you like to participate, please send us your application as a single(!) PDF to gksekr[at] covering the following topics: Dates:

Voices from past summer schools

Denise says:

I took part in the summerschool in 2009 and enjoyed the program very much. Learning about different topics in the tutorials and workshops and getting in touch with the doctoral students and their research in the University of Konstanz was very enriching. The week allowed me to have a better view of how a PhD study at the university works, the interesting computer science projects going on there and of course, the people behind them. Being able to have a little participation myself, taking part at the poster session with the other invited master students allowed me to discuss my previous work and to learn a few things as well. I also can't forget to mention the leisure activities! They provided a nice opportunity to get to know the participants better and a good way to spend the time outside the conference room. It was a very interesting (and fun) week.
Gayatri says:

The Summer school [...] organized by the University of Konstanz was all in all a wonderful and eye opening experience in terms of knowledge on research of Computer Science. The facilities like the Hotel where we were put up and the food were exceptionally fantastic. The event also brought together different students from different countries which was a very enriching experience. The tutorials by the doctoral candiates at the University of Konstanz were also interactive, and the tutorial by Prof. Dr. Alfred Inselberg was fun and extremely interesting. [...] After attending the Summerschool, I would definitely be open to pursue a doctorate in Germany.
Anita says:

In summer 2011, I joined the GK summerschool and spent a few great days in San Vigilio (South Tyrol, Italy). Several presentations provided an interesting view on different topics within the field of computer science. This offers me the chance to broaden my own view. Especially, discussions in the breaks or during the poster sessions allowed me to get in touch with professors, PhD or Master students of the same or other core areas. Most interestingly is, that these areas are in some aspects strong overlapping. That is one reason, why I enjoyed this program. Another thing are leisure activities such as hiking in the mountains. That's a great opportunity to get an idea of a Phd student's life. On the whole, I would recommend the program to anyone, who is inquisitive in computer science, likes to exchange ideas and is not afraid of meeting new people.