Mechanisms of Stress Tolerance in Plants

Arabidopsis resources

TAIR Arabidopsis information database
NASC stock centre and databases
DFCI gene index
Aramemnon Arabidopsis membrane protein database
CATMA GST database

Mitochondrial proteins database
Point mutation tilling
The Arabidopsis Book

Insertion mutants

T-DNAexpress at Salk Institute
CSHL gentrap collection
DeepGreen GFP tags at Stanford
GABI-Kat T-DNA collection
INRA T-DNA collection

Transcription profiling

SALK genome array
Stanford Microarray Database
Microarray related web tools at UToronto

(Plant) molecular biology resources

NCBI Blast search
SwissProt protein database
PDB protein structure database
PSORT prediction of subcellular localisation
Prediction servers at CBS, Denmark
Genescan gene prediction
Biochemical pathways in plants
DCAPS PCR primer design
Vector DB
Unit converter
Molecular weight calculator

Search engines

Google Scholar
LEO English<->German dictionary
English<->Swedish dictionary

Biotechnology information resources

Global Knowledge Center on Crop Biotechnology
GMO saftey information
Crop biotechnology database (German)
Golden Rice project
Union of the German academies of science
EPA patent database

Local information

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Local public transportation
Railway connections
Maps and addresses in Switzerland

Rain radar ETH Zurich
Rain radar south-west Germany
Rain radar Germany


Swedish internet radio
The very secret diaries of Frodo & Co
Zebra local cinema
Movie database

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