University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

Colloquium of the Department and the PhD Program


Sensor networks: geometry, algorithms, and minimal design


Prof. Dr. Subhash Suri, UC Santa Barbara, California, USA
Santa Barbara, USA

date & place

Wednesday, 02.05.2007, 16:15 h
Room C252


Recent advances in microelectronics have led to a new breed of tiny and smart sensors with exciting potential applications. Individually each node has limited capabilities---a low-end microprocessor, small flash memory, a low-power transceiver, along with micro-sensors and actuators---but a collaborative network of many such devices can be a powerful platform for pervasive sensing and computing: because of their low cost, small form factor, and untethered operation, a large number of these devices can be easily and inexpensively deployed across large geographical areas to achieve real-time monitoring, sensing, and control. In this talk, I will argue that in order to scale, a sensor network must exploit the geometry of physical space and use lightweight algorithms and minimal design. I will illustrate these ideas in the specific context of detecting network failures and target tracking using binary sensors.