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Guest Talks


From CAPTCHA to CAPTCHAECKER: Can we automate security and usability analysis of CAPTCHAS?


Dr. Shujun Li, University of Surrey

date & place

Wednesday, 12.12.2012, 15:15 h
Room Z 613


CAPTCHAs are everywhere these days. Security and usability evaluation of CAPTCHA schemes is still an art rather than a science in the sense that it has to be done on an ad hoc basis and many steps have to be done manually. In this talk, the following questions will be focused: can we automate the security and usability evaluation process and if so to what extent? A new concept called Captchæcker (= Captcha + Checker) is proposed to automate the usability evaluation part based on machine learning, and to semi-automate the security evaluation part based on a dataflow programming framework called Reconfigurable Multimedia Coding (RMC, formerly known as Reconfigurable Video Coding = RVC). Some preliminary research results will be described and future work is explained.