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An integrative dynamic systems approach to understanding Src family kinase signalling


-! New !- Hendrik Fuß, University of Ulster
Ulster, UK

date & place

Wednesday, 09.01.2008, 16:15 h
Room C252


Networks of interacting proteins play an essential role for many cellular functions including signal transduction, cellular rhythms and developmental processes. Covalent modifications of proteins such as phosphorylation, mediated by kinases and phosphatases, control and regulate the correct function of these systems. The eukaryotic cell cycle is also regulated by a complex protein phosphorylation network. A number of kinases in human cells have been found to be involved in cell division. Inherent to this system are so-called "checkpoints", which prevent or delay progression through the cycle in response to DNA damage, nutrient depletion or other influences. Since malfunctions in these control systems are often associated with cancer, it is desirable to obtain a more detailed understanding of the architecture and the complex dynamics that arise from them. For this purpose we employ mathematical modelling of the underlying protein interaction networks. Our aim was to develop a computational model that reproduces the dynamics of a kinase/phosphatase system involved in the regulation of important cellular control systems. This type of model should aid explanation of the mechanisms that govern this complex regulatory system.