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theses, lectures and courses



We always welcome students for Bachelor-, Master-, Diploma- and state exam theses. Topics for theses include experimental work in the lab, mesocosms and the field as well as more theoretical work on the computer. For a list of current topics click here.


Lectures, seminars and courses

    I have several teaching activities in rotation:


In addition I teach (together with F. Peeters) a modelling course every winter semester


Life history ecology and evolution        

Evolution und ecology of life cycle characterstics, basics of fitness determination for a specific life cyle, allometry, Life history trade-offs: growth vs. reproduction, number versus size of offspring, reproduction versus senescence. Complex life cycles; metamorphosis, life history of migration and diapause.


Population biology


Contents: deterministic and stochastistic population growth, population viability analysis, importance of age-structure in population grwoth, metapopulations, Invasion ecology, ecological interactions: predation, competition, mutualism and parasitism


Biodiversity and community ecology

Contents: The measurement of biodiversity, species-area relationships, island biogeography, latitudinal gradients of species richness, productivity, disturbance and disverity, functional biodiversity, species richness - abundance distributions, sucession, food web ecology


Human ecology

Contents: Human evolution, human life history: infancy, childhood, juvenil and adolescence periods, human senencence, human growth, ecology of hunter-gatherer societies, human nutritional ecology: diet quality and plant secondary compounds, parasitism: micro- and macroparasites, evolution of virulence, Darwinian medicine


Climate change ecology

Contents: In this seminar series students will present lectures on topical publications of climate change impact research. Topics will include consequences of CO2 increase and warming on e.g., food web interactions, the spread of species, primary productivity and ocean acidification. The publications to be reported cover different groups of organisms and ecosystems.



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