Conflicts arising from differences of opinion about research / misconduct

It is not entirely uncommon for conflicts to arise between doctoral researchers and their supervisors (and vice versa). This may also include differences of opinion about how your doctoral thesis should progress. The contact persons listed below can support and help you find constructive solutions to your disagreements.

The university’s ombudsperson for research lends additional support to individuals who report a potential case of academic misconduct. They also advise individuals who find themselves under suspicion of academic misconduct.

Ombudsperson for research

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Mahlke
Room: H 128
Phone: +49 7531 88-2426


Prof. Dr. Alfred Leitenstorfer
Room: P 809
Phone: +49 7531 88-3818

  • Our ombudsperson for research
    • provides advice, mediation services and support to all researchers and scientists working at the University of Konstanz,
    • advises (anonymously, if required) on questions of good scientific practice, potential violations as well as related conflicts,
    • supports individuals who have reported a potential case of academic misconduct (whistleblowers) and may therefore be subject to sanctions by other institutions,
    • is your point of contact, if you are being suspected of academic misconduct.

Ombudspersons for doctoral research

Faculty 1:
Professor Andreas Marx
Room: ML 0521
Office hours: by appointment
Phone: +49 7531 88-5139

Faculty 2:
Professor Miriam Butt
Room: G 220
Office hours: by appointment
Phone: +49 7531 88-5109

Faculty 3:
Professor Marius Busemeyer
Room: D 237
Office hours: by appointment
Phone: +49 7531 88-2860

  • The ombudspersons for doctoral research
    • provide independent and neutral advisory, mediation and support services that are available to all doctoral researchers and their supervisors irrespective of faculty,
    • can help if you experience problems with your supervisor (or vice versa) or if the doctoral supervision agreement has been breached,
    • advise and mediate in cases where the involved parties are unable to resolve their conflict on their own.
  • Legal framework:
    • University of Konstanz regulations for the ombudspersons for doctoral research

Academic Staff Development (ASD)

Silke Hell
Room: V 609
Office hours: by appointment (via email)
Phone: +49 7531 88-4987

  • The Academic Staff Development unit manages the university's human resources development, is responsible for the advancement of junior researchers, oversees the university’s educational development and offers the following services:
    • academic staff development services for researchers and university teachers at all career levels
    • individual consultations and coaching sessions for junior researchers experiencing conflicts
  • Qualification:
    • Diplom psychologist
    • Systemic coach
    • Long-standing experience in human resources development and doctoral research