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Photochemical Kinetics and Spin Chemistry


C. Roger, A. Schmiedel, M. Holzapfel, N.N. Lukzen, U.E. Steiner, C. Lambert
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2024, DOI: 10.1039/d3cp05785b
The influence of hindered rotation on electron transfer and exchange interaction in triarylamine-triptycene-perylene diimide triads

D. Mims, J. Herpich, N. N. Lukzen, U. E. Steiner, C. Lambert
Science 374 (2021) 1470-1474
Readout of spin quantum beats in a charge-separated radical pair by pump-push spectroscopy

M. Rapp, O. R. Baudendistel, U. E. Steiner, V. Wittmann
Chem. Sci. 12 (2021) 14901-14906
Rapid glycoconjugation with gylcosyl amines

I. Zhukov, N. Fishman, A. Kiryutin, N.Lukzen, U. E. Steiner, H. M. Vieth, J. Schäfer, C. Lambert, A. Yurkovskaya
J. Chem. Phys. 155 (2021) 224201
Mapping 13C hyperfine couplings and exchange interactions in short-lived charge separated states of rigid donor–bridge–acceptor dyads

M. S. Lazorski, I. Schapiro, R. S. Gaddie, A. P. Lehnig, M. Atanasov, F. Neese, U. E. Steiner, C. M. Elliott
Chem. Sci. 11 (2020) 5511-5525, DOI: 10.1039/D0SC00830C
Spin-chemical effects on intramolecular photoinduced charge transfer reactions in bisphenanthroline copper(I)-viologen dyad assemblies

I. Zhukov, N. Fishman, A. Kiryutin, N. Lukzen, M. Panov, U. Steiner, H.-M. Vieth, J. Schäfer, C. Lambert, A. Yurkovskaya
J. Chem. Phys. 152 (2020) 014203
Positive electronic exchange interaction and predominance of minor triplet channel in CIDNP formation in short lived charge separated states of D-X-A dyads

D. Mims, A. Schmiedel, M. Holzapfel, N. N. Lukzen, C. Lambert, U. E. Steiner
J. Chem. Phys.. 151 (2019) 244308
Magnetic field effects in rigidly linked DA dyads: Extreme on-resonance quantum coherence effect on charge recombination

P. Tremmel, H. Griesser, U. E. Steiner, C. Richert
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 58 (2019) 13087 - 13092
How small heterocycles make a reaction network of amino acids and nucleotides efficient in water

S. Riese, L. Mungenast,A. Schmiedel, A. Holzapfel, N.N. Lukzen, U.E. Steiner, Ch. Lambert
Mol. Phys.117 (2019) 2632 - 2644
Nanoviscosity effect on the spin chemistry of an electron donor/Pt-complex/electron acceptor triad - classical and quantum kinetics interpretation

J. Schäfer, M. Holzapfel, A.Schmiedel, U.E. Steiner, C. Lambert
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20 (2018) 27093
Fine tuning of electron transfer and spin chemistry parameters in triarylamine–bridge–naphthalene diimide dyads by bridge substituents.

U. E. Steiner, J.Schäfer, N. N. Lukzen, Ch. Lambert
J. Phys. Chem. C 122 (2018) 11701 - 11708
Resonance Lineshape of MARY Spectrum from Charge Recombination in a Linked Donor/Acceptor Dyad.

K. Drexler, J. Smirnova, M. Galetskaya, N. Schweizer, G. Gauglitz, U. E. Steiner
Chem. Phys. Chem. 18 (2017) 1 - 10
Optical detection of photorelease kinetics on gold and glass surfaces using streptavidin-coupled biotinylated protecting groups for nucleosides

H. Griesser, P. Tremmel, E. Kervio, C. Pfeiffer, U. E. Steiner, C. Richert
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 56 (2017) 1219-1223
Ribonucleotides and RNA promote peptide chain growth

C. Hintze, P. Korf, F. Degen, F. Schütze, S. Mecking, U.E. Steiner, M. Drescher
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 8 (2017) 690-695
Delocalization of coherent triplet excitons in linear rigid rod conjugated oligomers

C. Hintze, U.E. Steiner, M. Drescher
Chem. Phys. Chem, 18 (2017) 6-16 Photoexcited triplet state kinetics studied by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy

N.N. Lukzen, J.H. Klein, C. Lambert, U.E. Steiner
Z. Physik. Chem. N. F., 231 (2017) 197-223
The quantum dynamical basis of a classical kinetic scheme describing coherent and incoherent regimes of radical pair recombination

J.H. Klein, D. Schmidt, U.E. Steiner, C. Lambert
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137 (2015) 11011-11021
Complete monitoring of coherent and incoherent spin flip domains in the recombination of charge-separated states of donor-iridium complex-acceptor triads

J. Wolf, T. Huhn , U.E. Steiner
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.17 (2015) 6066-6075
Large protonation-gated photochromism of an OPE-embedded difurylperfluorocyclopentene

E. Kervio, B. Claasen, U.E. Steiner, C. Richert
Nucleic Acids Research 42 (2014) 7409-7420
The strength of the template effect attracting nucleotides to naked DNA

U.E. Steiner
Fundamentals of Photophysics, Photochemistsry, and Photobiology
in: Photodynamic Therapy - From Theory to Application, Abdel Kader, M. H.,Ed. (Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2014), pp 25-57.

Y. Kim, T.J. Hellmuth, D. Sysoiev, F. Pauly, T. Pietsch, J. Wolf, A. Erbe, T. Huhn, U.E. Steiner, E. Scheer
Nano Lett. 12 (2012) 3736-3742.
Charge Transport Characteristics of Diarylethene Photoswitching Single-Molecule Junctions

D. Sysoiev, T. Yushchenko,E. Scheer, U. Groth, U.E.Steiner, T.E. Exner, T.Huhn
Chem. Commun. 48 (2012) 11355-11357.
Pronounced effects on switching efficiency of diarylcycloalkenes upon cycloalkene ring contraction

G. G. Guerreschi, M. Tiersch, U. E. Steiner and H. J. Briegel
Chem. Phys. Lett. 572 (2012) 106-110.
Optical switching of radical pair conformation enhances magnetic sensitivity,

M. Tiersch, U. E. Steiner, S. Popescu, J. Briegel
J. Phys. Chem. A 116(2012) 4020-4028.
Open quantum system approach to the modeling of spin recombination reactions

D. Woell, N. N. Lukzen, U. E. Steiner
Photochem. Photobiol. Sci. 11(2012) 533-538
Diffusion-controlled sensitization of photocleavage reactions on surfaces

J. A. Jones, K. Maeda, U. E. Steiner, P. J. Hore
Chem. Phys. Lett. 508(2011) 184-185
Reply to comment on Spin-selective reactions of radical pairs act as quantum measurements

S. Milikisyants, U.E. Steiner, H. Paul
Appl. Magn. Reson. 41 (2011) 155-173.
The excited triplet state of azoalkanes: electron spin polarization and magnetic field effects during triplet-sensitized photolysis of trans-azocumene in solution.

T.Y. Karogodina, I.G. Dranov, S.V. Sergeeva, D.V. Stass, U.E. Steiner
Chem. Phys. Chem. 12 (2011) 1714-1728,
Kinetic magnetic field effect involving small biologically relevant inorganic radicals NO and O2-.

D. Sysoiev, A. Fedoseev, Y. Kim, T.E. Exner, J. Boneberg, T.Huhn,P. Leiderer, E. Scheer, U.Groth, U.E. Steiner
Chem. Eur. J. 17 (2011) 6663-6672.
Synthesis and photoswitching studies of of difurylperfluorocyclopentenes with extended π-systems

E. Kervio, A. Hochgesand, U.E. Steiner, C. Richert
PNAS 107 (2010) 12074-12079
Templating effect of naked DNA

M.T. Rawls, I.Kuprov, C.M. Elliott, U.E. Steiner
Spin Relaxation in Ru-Chromophore-Linked Azine/Diquat Radical Pairs.
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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy- and surface plasmon resonance-detected photo release of photolabile protecting groups from nucleoside self-assembled monolayers on gold surfaces

D. Wöll, J. Smirnova, M. Galetskaya, T. Prykota, J. Bühler, K.P. Stengele, W. Pfleiderer and U. E. Steiner
Chem. Eur. J. 14 (2008) 6490;
Intramolecular sensitization of photocleavage of the photolabile 2-(2-nitrophenylpropoxycarbonly (NPPOC) protecting group: photoproducts and photokinetics of the release of nucleosides

D. Wöll, S. Laimgruber, J. Smirnova, W. Pfleiderer, B. Heinz, P. Gilch and U. E. Steiner
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On the mechanism of intramolecular sensitization of photocleavage of the 2-(2-nitrophenyl)propoxycarbonyl (NPPOC) protecting group

M.T. Rawls, G. Kollmannsberger, C.M. Elliott and U. E. Steiner
J. Phys. Chem. A 111 (2007) 3485;
Spin Chemical Control of Photoinduced Electron Transfer Processes in Ruthenium(II)-Trisbipyridine-Based Supramolecular Triads: 2. The Effect of Oxygen,Sulfur, and Selenium as Heteroatom in the Azine Donor

J. Smirnova, D. Wöll, W. Pfleiderer and U. E. Steiner
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Synthesis of caged nucleosides with photoremovable protecting groups linked to intramolecular antennae

C. G. Araya-Hernández and U. E. Steiner
J. Chil. Chem. Soc. 50 (2005) 505
Photo-pK of indoline-2-thione

C. M. Elliott, U. E. Steiner, J. J. Kremer and K. A. Hötzer
Chem. Mater. 17 (2005) 941
Polymer-encapsulated reverse micelles: a composite material design for the optical detection of weak magnetic fields

D. Wöll, S. Walbert, K.-P. Stengele, T. Albert, T. Richmond, J. Norton, M. Singer, R. Green, W. Pfleiderer and U. E. Steiner
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Triplet-sensitized photodeprotection of oligonucleotides in solution and on microarray chips

D. Wöll, S. Walbert, K.-P. Stengele, R. Green, T. Albert, W. Pfleiderer and U. E. Steiner
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More efficient photolithographic synthesis of DNA-chips by photosensitization

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K. H. Siegmund, U. E. Steiner and C. Richert
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ChipCheck - a program predicting total hybridization equilibria for DNA binding to small oligonucleotide microarrays

K. L. Dombi, U. E. Steiner and Richert C.
J. Combinatorial Chem. 5 (2003) 45
Rapidly measuring reactivities of carboxylic acids to generate equireactive building block mixtures: a spectrometric assay

A. Katsuki, Y. Kobori, S. Tero-Kubota, S. Milikisyants, H. Paul and U. E. Steiner
Mol. Phys. 100 (2002) 1245
Magnetic-field and spin effects from sequential p-type and d-type triplet mechanism

T. Tachikawa, Y. Kobori, K. Akiyama, A. Katsuki, Y. Usui, U. E. Steiner and S. Tero-Kubota
Mol. Phys. 100 (2002) 1413
Solvent effects on the intrinsic enhancement factors of the triplet exciplex generated by photoinduced electron transfer reactions between eosin Y and duroquinone

T. Tachikawa, Y. Kobori, K. Akiyama, A. Katsuki, U. E. Steiner and S. Tero-Kubota
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Spin dynamics and zero-field splitting constants of the triplet exciplex generated by photoinduced electron transfer reaction between erythrosin B and duroquinone

S. Milikisyants, A. Katsuki, U. E. Steiner and H. Paul
Mol. Phys. 100 (2002) 1215
Magnetic field dependence of the deactivation rates of triplet azocumene in solution

K. A. Hötzer, A. Klingert, T. Klumpp, E. Krissinel, D. Bürßner and U. E. Steiner
J. Phys. Chem. A 106 (2002) 2207
Temperature-dependent spin relaxation - a major factor in electron backward electron transfer following the quenching of Ru(bpy)32+by methylviologen

S. Walbert, W. Pfleiderer and U. E. Steiner
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Photolabile Protecting Groups for Nucleosides: Mechanistic Studies of the 2-(2-Nitrophenyl)ethyl Group

A. I. Burshtein, E. Krissinel and U. E. Steiner
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Diffusion-, Spin- and Reaction-Control in Geminate Reverse Electron Transfer

E.V. Gorelik, N.N. Lukzen, R.Z. Sagdeev and U.E. Steiner
Chem. Phys. 262 (2000) 303
Application of integral encounter theory to account for the spin effects in radical reactions. I. Recombination rate constant of fast relaxing radicals with large Dg

H.-P. Gut, N. Welte, U. Link, H. Fischer and U. E. Steiner
Organometallics 19 (2000) 2354
Formation and Reactions of Tetracarbonyl Intermediates of the Fischer Carbene Complex (CO)5W=C(OMe)Ph. A Laser Flash Photolysis Study Using Time-Resolved Infrared and UV/Vis Spectroscopy

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Enhancement of Magnetic Field Effect in Ru(bpy)32+/MV2+ System
by Ru(bpy)
32+-Ag+ Exciplex Formation

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Doctoral Dissertation , Universität Stuttgart, 1973

M. Hafner, U.E. Steiner, S. Schreiner and H.E.A. Kramer
Z. Physik. Chem. N.F. 86 (1973) 220
The Increase of the Quantum Yield of the Photoreduction of Dyes

H.E.A. Kramer, M. Hafner, U.E. Steiner and S. Schreiner
Ber. Bunsenges. 76 (1972) 1104
Erhöhung der Quantenausbeute von Photoreduktionen