We welcome Ariane Bertogg to the Zukunftskolleg

Ariane Bertogg is one of five new Postdoctoral Fellows from the 14th call for applications. She has started her fellowship in April and is affiliated with the Department of History and Sociology.

In 2017, Ariane got her PhD in Sociology from the University of Zürich. Her dissertation focused on intergenerational relationships of young adults in Switzerland. From May 2017 until March 2020, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of History and Sociology at the University of Konstanz where she worked with Susanne Strauß and Thomas Hinz. In 2019, she also did a research visit at the KU Leuven in Belgium with Wim van Oorschot.

“My research project at the Zukunftskolleg builds on my previous research insofar as it links family, ageing and welfare state research”, reports Ariane. “It addresses the „new“ reconciliation challenges between employment and providing informal care or grandchild care in the second half of life which arise from the demographic changes (longevity) and their political consequences (increasing pension ages, increasing need for informal care due to welfare retrenchment). My aim is to look at different contextual factors which shape the observed reconciliation strategies, such as path-dependencies in life courses, intra-family bargaining and cultural and political influence. Thereby, I would like to develop (and subsequently test) a theoretical model which allows us to take into account these multidimensional contextual influences.”