Nina Schneider Comments on Final Report of the Brasilian Truth Commission

The radio station Deutsche Welle Brasil published an interview with Nina Schneider, in which she provides a first assessment of the final report of the Brasilian Truth Commission that was released on December 10, 2014. She expects that the research activities about the military regime (1964-1985) will continue.

Many families of the disappeared continue lacking information about the whereabouts and circumstances of death of their loved ones disappeared during the dictatorship. The Truth Commission could not solve these cases, because the armed forces failed to deliver the necessary documentation. The documentation of the military intelligence organs are said to have “disappeared”, according to the military institution.

Read more in the interview (only available in Portuguese):<link http: brasil-encara-responsabilidade-na-ditadura-diz-historiadora a-18112450>

as well as in a report:<link http: cnv-responsabiliza-estado-por-crimes-cometidos-pelo-regime-militar a-18119408>

Another article appeared at the TJinBrazil Website of Tulane University (in English):<link http: brazils-national-truth-commission-releases-its-final-report>

The final report of the Brazilian Truth Commission also reveals that more than 80 national and international business companies collaborated with the organs of repression during the military regime including several German companies. In another interview with Deutsche Welle, Nina Schneider argues that these firms will have to investigate these cases, as Brazilians are demanding reparations. Volkswagen has already declared that it will investigate the cases and that the company regrets any involvement of their staff in the crimes. Read more here (in Portuguese):