New ZUKOnnect Fellows at the Zukunftskolleg

We cordially welcome our new ZUKOnnect Fellows who joined the Zukunftskolleg on 1 July 2024 virtually for one year. They will be on-campus for 3 to 4 months in autumn 2024. Our new members (from left to right) are:

Antonieta Martínez Guerrero, Mexico
Department of Computer and Information Science
Project: Construction and Analysis of the Functional Network of the C58/J Strain: Brain Connectivity and Complexity in a Murine Model of Autism
Local host: Ahmed El Hady

Pihal Deepak, India
Department of Politics and Public Administration
Project: Unveiling Obstetric Violence: Exploring its Impact on Maternal Mental Health and Birth Outcomes in Rural Jharkhand, India
Local host: Anke Höffler & Abena Yalley

Swadhin Agrawal, India
Department of Computer and Information Science
Project: Exploring Collective Motion Through Evolutionary Game Theory
Local host: Liang Li

Patrick Jules Atagana, Cameroon
Department of Biology
Project: The influence of landscape phenology and climate on collective roosting in straw-colored fruit bats
Local host: Meg Crofoot & Dina Dechmann

Haoyu Zhao, China
Department of History and Sociology
Project: Housing strategies, living arrangements, and intra-family politics of migrant families in a small Chinese city
Local host: Susanne Strauss

Cinthia Sayuri Misaka, Brazil
Department of Linguistics
Project: Cross-linguistic study on the processing of language production and understanding in children with ASD
Local host: Theodoros Marinis

Francisco Fuica Villagra, Chile
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Project: Efficient numerical characterization in multiobjective pointwise tracking optimal control problems
Local host: Stefan Volkwein

Elisa María Sol Porcel, Argentina
Department of Biology
Project: Metabolism in lakes of Strobel Lake Plateau (Patagonian steppe, Argentina)
Local host: Frank Peeters

We are very happy to gain new people from different countries – such as India, Cameroon, Argentina and China; and from various disciplines – ranging from Linguistics and History and Sociology to Computer and Information Science as well as Biology.

Find more information about the ZUKOnnect Fellows here.