More Constructive Advanced Thinking at the Zukunftskolleg

We welcome the Constructive Advanced Thinking (CAT) group of Jessie Dezutter (Leuven, Belgium), Gørill Haugan (Trondheim, Norway), Suvi-Maria Saarelainen (Helsinki, Finland) and Helena Larsson (Kristianstad, Sweden).

They will spend one week at the Zukunftskolleg to exchange within the group and with their local academic host, Jennifer Randerath (Research Fellow / Dept. of Psychology) and her group, in order to advance their project. The CAT group has won within the CAT call for applications in 2019 and is hosted at Paris IAS, NIAS (Amsterdam), MAK’IT (Montpellier) and at the Zukunftskolleg.

They already gave a presentation at the Zukunftskolleg in the framework of the Jour fixe on 20 April 2021 on their project "Unravelling existential suffering and its relation to depression in older adults: EXIST-well in nursing homes".

More information on CAT within the European network of Netias.