Krizler Tanalgo publishes database of 679 bat species around the world

We are happy to announce that Krizler Tanalgo - former ZUKOnnect Fellow and affiliate member of the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour (CASCB) - has published one of the first and largest databases for bat cave conservation in Nature's Scientific Data.

According to Krizler Tanalgo, "DarkCideS 1.0" is by far the largest database for cave-dwelling bats. "It contains various datasets for at least 679 bat species around the world. The database currently contains 6746 georeferenced occurrences for 402 cave-dwelling bat species from 2002 cave sites in 46 countries and 12 terrestrial biomes." The database has been developed to be collaborative and open-access, allowing continuous data-sharing among the community of bat researchers and conservation biologists to advance bat research and comparative monitoring and prioritisation for conservation.

The database can be accessed on this website:

The results are published in Nature's Scientific Data: