Evaluation of the Zukunftskolleg: All goals achieved

In the course of the past eight months, the quality management team of the University of Konstanz has conducted an extensive evaluation of the Zukunftskolleg. The report shows that the Zukunftskolleg has been successful in all areas.

As in the previous evaluations the focus of this evaluation was on three main areas: The achievement of the programme’s objectives, the evaluation of the (funding) instruments of the Zukunftskolleg and the impact of the Zukunftskolleg and the EU-COFUND Programme on the university and the promotion of junior researchers.

 “[T]his evaluation revealed that the Zukunftskolleg is successful in the promotion of early career researchers. The placement data of the alumni showed that a comparatively high number of former Research Fellows achieved a full professorship. (...) The Zukunftskolleg should maintain its strategy to foster the promotion of early career researchers. The Zukunftskolleg should further be strengthened as one alternative career path for junior researchers at the University of Konstanz and as an integral organisation of the University.”

if you are interested in receiving the evaluation report, please contact Sigrid Elmer via zukunftskolleg-pr@uni-konstanz.de