DFG Grant for Julián Torres Dowdall

We congratulate Julián Torres Dowdall who received a DFG grant to the amount of 324.400 euros to continue his project “Does side matter? The evolution of asymmetric genitalia in livebearing fish”. “In the next three years the research money will be used to do next generation sequencing to answer three questions”, explains the biologist. “1. What are the phylogenetic relationships between Anablepidae fish? 2. Does genital asymmetry result in genetic divergence between asymmetrical morphs? 3. Can we identify regions of the genome that present signature of natural selection? Are those associated with phenotypic innovations in Anablepidae fishes?” Also, Julián Torres Dowdall and his group will conduct fieldwork and mesocosms experiments in order to test for fitness consequences of genetic asymmetry.