Assistant professorship for Alice el-Wakil at the University of Copenhagen

Alice el-Wakil (Postdoctoral Fellow / Politics and Public Administration) has been appointed as assistant professor in Political Theory at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

She has started her new position in the Department of Political Science on 1 September. She will be teaching courses in Political Theory and going on with her research projects in theories of democracy (and learning Danish).

“Heading towards new adventures as assistant professor in Political Theory at the University of Copenhagen with excitement, but also very intimidated, I cannot believe how fast the past year at the Zukunftskolleg passed by”, recaps Alice. “This rightly reflects how good of a time I’ve had at the institute - and I am deeply grateful to all of you for including me in this fantastic research community and for making this year so interesting, inspiring, and fun. I will keep wonderful memories of the writing retreat, the Jour fixes, the poster sessions, the common lunches, and, mostly, of the ongoing, incredibly generous (and effective) offers to help and support in logistical, practical and emotional ways that makes all the difference. ”

Alice has been a Fellow of the Zukunftskolleg since July 2021.

We congratulate Alice and wish her all the best!