Zukunftskolleg moves to new building Y2

In January 2010 a new era started for the Zukunftskolleg: the shortly erected building Y 2 is ready for moving in and will also give a more visible external shape to the Zukunftskolleg. On January 25, 2010 the back office of the Zukunftskolleg has relocated to the new offices, several fellows with their work groups will follow. Certainly also our senior fellows will find some space in the new rooms of Y2.

Up to now our fellows have been accommodated in various offices all over the entire university campus which was possible only by the thankworthy and generous support of all different faculties In the future there will be numerous possibilities for personal contacts every day and lots of fruitful interdisciplinary conversations in our new premises.

The new contact data of the back office of the Zukunftskolleg in building Y 2 are available here.