Welcome to new Fellows

Between May and July 2010 the Zukunftskolleg could welcome three up-and-coming researchers as new Fellows. They all had succeeded in the latest procedure for Fellowship grants.

Eleanor Coghill is a linguist who worked previously within the AHRC-„North Eastern Neo-Aramaic Project“ at the University of Cambridge. Her project at the Department of Linguistics focuses on „The morpho-syntax of Neo-Aramaic dialects in an areal perspective“.

Psychologist Simon Hanslmayr will perform his project on „How neural synchronization forms long-term memories in humans“ at the Department of Psychology. He was previously a researcher at the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Regensburg.

Andreas Karrenbauer, previously a postdoctoral research assistant at the EPFL Lausanne, will work at his project on „Discrete Optimization for Flat Panel Displays“ at the Department of Computer and Information Science.

In addition Zukunftskolleg Mentorships have been granted to two new Associated Fellows:

Ralf Schmälzle from the Department of Psycholgy received a Mentorship for his project on „Health Risk Perception and Communication“.

Jale Tosun from the Department of Politics and Management  has been granted a  Mentorship for her project on „Bureaucratic and political representation of women and minorities in Eastern Europe“.