Welcome to New Fellows

Between December 2009 and the beginning of February 2010 the Zukunftskolleg could welcome four up-and-coming researchers as new Fellows. They all had succeded in the latest procedure for Fellowship grants. The Call for Applications had concentrated on the two key topics ‘Foundations of Social Justice’ and ‘Mixed Feelings’.

Martin Bruder is a psychologist who was previously a scientific project manager at the Head Office of the German Council of Science and Humanities in Cologne. His project at the Department of Psychology focuses on ‘Regulatory Functions of Social Emotions in Cooperation and Competition’.

Psychologist Anne Hauswald, previously a postdoctoral research assistant at the Department of Psychology at the University of Konstanz will perform her project on ‘Social emotions and the human mirror neuron system’ also at the Department of Psychology.

Psychologist Margarita Stolarova was previously a post-doc at the Department of Psychology at the University of Konstanz and a Subject Librarian for Psychology and Education at the University’s Library. She was also an Associated Fellow of the Zukunftskolleg since September 2008. Her two projects focuse on ‘Recent advances in the developmental cognitive neurosciences and what they really tell us about the care needs of children, especially of those up to three years of age’ and ‘Early child development in the context of non-parental care’ at the Department of Psychology.

Attila Tanyi is a philosopher and was previously a researcher at the Department of Philosophy of the Stockholm University in Sweden. His project focuses on ’Morality and Overdemandingness? The Case for Authority’ at the Department of Philosophy.