Results of the first AAA Fellowship Call

In its first call for AAA Fellowships for early career researchers from Africa, Asia and Latin America (the closing date for applications was 30 April 2019), the Zukunftskolleg received 206 eligible applications.

70 percent of the applicants were male, 30 percent female. More than half of the applications (54 percent) were submitted by applicants from African countries, 29 percent from Asian countries and 16 percent from countries in Latin America.

The following six applicants have been selected to join the Zukunftskolleg in the following five months as AAA Fellows:

- Hamadja Abboubakar, Mathematics and Statistics, Cameroon
- Denisha Gounden, Chemistry, South Africa
- Patrícia Nabuco Martuscelli, Political Science, Brazil
- Sana Shams, Linguistics, Pakistan
- Leila Abdala, Cultural Theory and Social Anthropology, Argentina
- Abena Yalley, Gender Studies, Ghana

The fellows will receive a stipend of 1.200€/ month and a contribution to travelling to Konstanz. AAA Fellows will team up with researchers from within and from outside the Zukunftskolleg to assist the integration into the respective department and support the AAA Fellows during their research stay. Thus, the AAA Fellows are an integral part of the community at the University of Konstanz regardless of the rather short duration. The Zukunftskolleg will benefit greatly from the intercultural exchange.