Raúl Acosta-García investigates Urban Ethics in Mexico City

Raúl Acosta-García (Associated Fellow/Dept. of History and Sociology) has accepted a position at the Institute for Ethnology at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich.

In January he started working as “Project Manager” for the initiative “Mexico City: Ethical Conjunctures, Globalized Environmental Discourses, and the Pursuit of a Better City (2018 - 2021)”, which is one of several research projects of a large team project on “Urban Ethics” funded by the DFG.

The project aims to examine the way in which the imperative of environmental care is put into practice through globalized environmental discourses and practices in Mexico City. It does so by focusing on the long-term environmental plan introduced by Mexico City’s government called “Plan Verde”, and its promotion of urban cycling. As a thriving arena where citizen groups, international agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other collectives actively participate, cycling has become the site for ethical negotiation processes of good urban environmental behavior and visions of a good city.

Further, he will continue to be the Principal Investigator of his own project on "Aspirational Activism in Urban Latin America" until the summer of 2019, funded by the DFG, as there is a strong synergy between both projects.

We congratulate him and wish him all the best!

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