Nicole Rettig wins the Manfred Ulmer Scholarship 2010

Acting on behalf of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft of the University of Konstanz,
the Zukunftskolleg awards the Manfred Ulmer Scholarship to doctoral students every year.
The programme is open to doctoral students of all disciplines and pays 1,000 euros per month
over six months. It enables the scholars to bridge a financial gap between their studies and
their doctoral phase.

This year's winner of the Manfred Ulmer Scholarship is Nicole Rettig.

Nicole Rettig studied German and Chemistry at the University of Konstanz followed by bachelor and master studies in German Literature. She finished her Master’s Degree with notable success. In her doctorate studies she will pursue the topic of her Master’s Thesis on “Aperspektivische Raumkonzepte in der Literatur der Moderne“.