New publications by Doris Penka

Recently three new articles by Doris Penka were published:

  • Doris Penka (2012): “Negative Features on Negative Indefinites: Evidence from Split Scope”, in: “Journal of Semantics” Volume 29 / Issue 3: 373-402.
  • Agnes Jäger & Doris Penka (2012): “Development of sentential negation in the history of German”, in: “Comparative Germanic Syntax. The state of the art” by Peter Ackema, Rhona Alcorn, Caroline Heycock, Dany Jaspers, Jeroen Van Craenenbroeck and Guido Vanden Wyngaerd (eds.) [LA 191], John Benjamins Publishing Company: 199-222.
  • Doris Penka (2012): “Split scope of negative indefinites”, in: “Language and Linguistics Compass” Volume 6 / Issue 8 (2012): 517–532.