New Research Visit Fellow Eliana Barriga at the Zukunftskolleg

Eliana Barriga started her 3-month Research Visit at the end of June. She is affiliated with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Eliana obtained her doctoral degree in Mathematics jointly at the University of Haifa, Israel and the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia in 2017. In her PhD thesis, she studied semi algebraic groups over real closed fields under the supervision of Prof. Kobi Peterzil and Prof. Alf Onshuus. After she had finished her doctoral studies, she was a lecturer at the Department of Mathematics at the Universidad de los Andes– a position that she has to date.

Her main research area is geometric model theory. She studies connections between certain algebraic, geometric, and topological structures and model theory.

Eliana’s current research project at the Zukunftskolleg aims to provide new advances on locally definable and approximate groups in tame expansions of o-minimal structures, which is a joint project with Dr. Panteleimon Eleftheriou (Research Fellow of the Zukunftskolleg). More specifically, the objective is to provide new advances in the research of the Eleftheriou-Peterzil conjecture that ensures the existence of definable generic sets in abelian definably generated groups in certain o-minimal structures. The existence of generic subsets in a group allows characterizing and capturing important geometrical and algebraic properties of the group. Moreover, a recent work of Eleftheriou et al. on locally definable and approximate subgroups of semi algebraic groups is to be generalized.

Besides the research in Mathematics, Eliana’s other passion is the university teaching in Mathematics which she has been able to develop during the last ten years.