Mentor Nora Strejilevich at the Zukunftskolleg

The Zukunftskolleg is warmly welcoming Nora Strejilevich from the Department of Literature at the San Diego State University, California. In the last call for the Mentorship Programme she has been nominated by Liliana Ruth Feierstein, Postdoc in the research group of Zukunftskolleg Alumna Kirsten Mahlke, who works on the project “Narratives of Terror and Disappeareance. Fantastic Dimensions of Argentina’s Collective Memory since the Military Dictatorship”. Nora Strejilevich is professor, writer and survivor of a concentration camp in Argentina whose research, teaching and writing is devoted to the long-term consequences of genocidal practices. Together with Liliana Ruth Feierstein she will work on the identification and interpretation of religious traces and cultural patterns in the narratives which deal with the last dictatorships in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Nora Strejilevich will be our guest from June 11 until June 25, 2013. Liliana Ruth Feierstein´s return visit to San Diego will take place in autumn.